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Papers in Progress 

Below is a list of my finished drafts. I am happy to share them upon request. The linked items are viewable. Feel free to email me at or at for others.


-A paper giving a nonnaturalist realist account of moral perception 

-A paper on phenomenal concepts (draft of 10/12/22)

-A paper on rational action 

A paper arguing against a strong form of motivational internalism (draft of 4/16/23)

-A paper arguing that the modality involved in the statement of the motivational internalism thesis is neither conceptual nor metaphysical

-A paper suggesting that anger states can have normative rational authority in themselves (draft of 9/16/23)


-A paper on the role of social media in the COVID-19 anti-lockdown protests

-A paper that gives an account of victimhood and argues that victims should have a victim mentality (draft of 1/6/23)

A Chapter of a Monograph (Possibly my Dissertation)

-A rough draft of chapter one can be found here

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